Our production facilities and expertise include the following:

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Wire Eroding
  • Conventional Milling
  • Conventional Turning
  • Vertical Boring
  • Surface Gringing
  • Rotary Grinding
  • Jig Grinding
  • Jig Boring
  • Spark Erosion
  • Fitting
  • Electrical Assembly Wiring
  • Coded Welding
  • Sheet Metal & Light/Medium Fabrication
  • Design Services
  • Tool & Cutter Services
  • Supply Of on site Fitters & coded Welders
  • Inspection Services

Aerospace and Underwater Weapon Systems
The production of aircraft, engine, torpedo and camera housing components to exacting manufacturing and quality demands.

Jigs and Fixtures
The manufacture of jigs and fixtures for a wide range of industries.

Special Purpose Machines
The design and manufacture of special purpose machines to customer's requirements.

Nuclear Industry
The manufacture of component parts relating to the handling equipment for nuclear reactors. This work requires full material and process traceability and stringent quality control.

The provision of on site fitters and Toolmakers to C3 classification for on site work.

Ministry Of Defence
The design and manufacture of prototype components and equipment for DERA throughout Britain. This involves manufacturing various experimental components through to final production runs.

Standard Range and Proof Equipment
The manufacture of standard NATO approved range and proof equipment.

Special Purpose Cutting Tools
The manufacture of complex cutting tools to gauge limits which are used in the production of automative parts.

We realise that you may not need our services at present, and that you may have a supplier with whom you have worked with for many years. All we suggest is that your explore out potential. Naturally we understand that you will need to be convinced that we can handle your requirements, meet your quality, and respond to your needs, fast and cost effectively.

Give us a chance to show you what a modern progressive engineering company can do for your product.